Quality is a keyword at Zateq and we know this is what has to carry us through, in order to come in first. This we do, and we do it good.

We accept nothing intermediate and neither should our customers. Both in design and manufacturing we have strict demands and always strive towards excellence.


Winning is not all, it is everything! As it is on the court, so is it for our designers. We strive to excellence to make sure you are Victorious. At Zateq we are using only the best materials on the market to maximize the performance of our products.

Victory starts with the blueprints for your equipment, and this is where we fight our part of the battle. All designs are carefully thought through and they all have one purpose. Victory!


Superiour [Johnsons Dictionary 1755] is one more excellent or dignified, and this is our overall vision when designing sports equipment for you. We want you to feel confident when you stand on the court, and our products will support that. You will be the superior at that point.